“COVID vaccines really are ‘Our Shot’ at getting back to the things and people we love. The three vaccines available today provide the best and safest route to gain immunity to the virus. They are highly effective at preventing illness and make it less likely you will spread the disease. We have the power to end this pandemic, but we all must do our part and get vaccinated.”

Senator Bill Frist, M.D., founder and chairman, NashvilleHealth




Join us in this community-wide effort to get Nashvillians vaccinated against COVID-19. It’s #OurShotNash! Let’s get back to the life and city we love. 



Download #OurShotNash or #NuestraVacunaNash logos by right clicking on the images below or request them via email to msudderth@nashvillehealth.org. Add them to your website, share on social media, use in email signatures, print and place on your door and window to show support for our city’s vaccination efforts.


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