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April 27, 2020 Ex-Officials Call For $46 Billion For Tracing, Isolating In Next Coronavirus Package

NPR – Published April 27, 2020  Two leading former federal health officials who served in recent Republican and Democratic administrations are spearheading a call for a $46 billion public health investment in a future coronavirus aid package in order to…

April 24, 2020 Privatized contact tracing will help America safely reopen amid coronavirus pandemic

Manoj Jain and Bill Frist, Guest Columnists The Tennessean Published 5:00 p.m. CT April 22, 2020 South Korea proved it could contain COVID-19 without a lockdown through aggressive contact tracing. That is what the U.S. must do to be successful too….

April 24, 2020 A Healthy Nashville VII: Mental Health

Sen. Bill Frist Discusses COVID-19 and Mental Health with Centerstone’s Becky Stoll In this Issue: – COVID-19 Crisis and Mental Health  – Announcing NashvilleHealth Hero – Response Fund Update – Tracking COVID in Tennessee – News & Partner Updates COVID-19 Crisis and Mental…

April 22, 2020 What We Have Lost In Social Connections, We Can Gain In Nature

Bill Frist, Contributor Forbes, Posted April 22, 2020 The coronavirus pandemic has stolen much from us: the company of our friends, the variety of our daily activity, the color of our social occasions, and—for too many—the stability of our livelihoods….

April 21, 2020 What the 1918 Pandemic and the Great Recession Can Teach Us in Responding to COVID-19 Today

Bill Frist, Contributor Posted April 21, 2020 “Look, you shouldn’t think that the estimators have got a lot of experience with anything like this, so this is a seat-of-the-pants estimate,” economist Dr. Alan Blinder told me. The estimates he was…